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Tire Repair Price list
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03.03.2020, 08:17

Product Details
Product Name: Tire Inflator Product Brand: Kelas
MOQ: 600 Pieces  Packing: 390ml*4
Delivery time: 15 days Size: 26cm*9cm*17cm
Weight: 1.86kgCertificate: CE
Product Description
1. Air Compressor8. Air Metal Connector
2. Air Pressure Gage9. Black Air Compressor Hose
3. Tire Sealant Bottle10. 12-volt Cord
4. Sealant Filling Clear Tube11. Sealant Bottle System
5. Sealant Hose Nozzle12. Sealant Bottle Connector
6. Manual OPV Button13. Light
7. On/Off Switch
What should we do when we experience a flat tire without the vehicle repair shop near around? With a tire repair kit, you can easily do the repair by yourself, minimizing the time spent on the hazardous roadside! And no need to wait for a tow, use a tire jack. You can drive up to 500km at a maximum speed of 80KMH/50MPH on a sealed tire to get you to the nearest service station.
With the assistance of inflator pump, the sealant will be into internal wall and move around inside of tire. The colloid turned from sealant will be filled in the hole of tire,  with the help of centrifugal force. Because this colloid has good viscosity, ductility and rubber compatibility, it will quickly condense into solid material, the loopholes are completely sealed.
1. Sealant is around the interior of tire2. A hole caused by a nail
3.Sealant is into hole.4. Sealant is condensed and seal the tire immediately.
1. Convenient, portable and safe
2. Powerful 12V compressor fully inflates any tire
3. Sealant instantly seals the hole which can be up to 6mm
4. With light, considerate for use in night
5. Easily stored in any car
Tire Repair Operating Instructions
Step 1:
Connect the 12-volt cord to your vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle, start vehicle engine.
Step 2:
Connect the black air compressor hose to sealant bottle connector.
Connect the sealant hose nozzle to flat tire’s valve system.
Step 3:
Turn switch to “ON” position (I).
Step 4:
Once the tire pressure reaches 30PSI, turn switch to “OFF” position (O).
Unplug and remove hose nozzle and store emergency kit in compartment.
Air-only Operating Instructions
Connect the air metal connector to the tire’s valve system and connect the 12-volt cord to your vehicle’s 12-volt receptacle, while the sealant bottle does not need to be used.
With the dedicated adaptor, you can also use the kit to inflate the tire of motorcycle, tire of bike, raft, basketball, toy, etc.Tire Repair Price list

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