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food grade Concentration And Extraction Equipment
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15.05.2020, 03:33

Introduction of the essential oil extractor
The essential oil extractor include extractor, concentrator, receiver, condenser, cooler, pipes, valves, meters, water-oil separator, filter, vacuum pump, transfer pump, and so on.
Principle: first you put the herb (leaves, root, flower or seed )into extractor, add water or other solvent( like alcohol) into extractor. Then heat the extractor, the component from herb will dissolved into water or solvent, after extraction, then pump the extracted liquid into the concentrator, evaporate the water or solvent( like alcohol) which will be cooled by condenser and flow to receiver , the solvent can be used again next time. the component in concentrator will became into cream or liquid which you need.
This equipment is suitable for extracting and concentrating the effective component from Chinese herbas and other botanical.It also can realize the solvent recovery and the essential oil collection and it is especially suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research etc.
Character of the essential oil extractor :
1.It is new type equipment at present, this equipment is specially suitable for medium pharmaceutical factory or small pharmaceutical factory, hospital, academe and so on. It is specially used for producing small quality but high quality herb.
2.It can be heat by steam or electric, if the customer have not steam boiler, they can heat the machine by electric.
3.Save time: the extracting and concentration can be operated at the same time, so it save much time, before the concentration should be operated after extraction.
4.Save energy: the steam from concentrator can heat the extractor directly so we can save 50% steam, so one year you can save money from steam which can buy one machine again.
5.The extraction or concentration can be operated under vacuum, if the herb is sensitive to high temperature, so it can be operated under vacuum, so the herb can not be burned by high temperature, second the solvent can be evaporating under lower temperature if the machine is working under vacuum, so it will save time and energy too.
6.All the machine have not dead corner, so it is good to clean and it is according GMP standard.
7.All surface of the machine is mirror polished, so it is looks very beautiful.
8.The temperature can be adjusted, you can adjust the temperature according to your requirement, for example you want to heat the machine 100degree, you just set the temperature 100degree, the heating can be stop when the temperature is 100degree, if it is lower 96degree, it can be heating again.
Model and specification TDH-50 TDH-100 TDH-200 TDH-300 TDH-500
Extractor Volume(L) 65 125 250 375 550
Working pressure in the jacket(MPa) 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15
Working pressure in the container(MPa) ≤0.09
volume(L) 65 125 250 375 550
Vacuum degree in the tank(MPa) -0.08
Working pressure in the heater(MPa) 0.09
Working reflux of heat reflux(L/H) 20 40 80 120 180
Vacuum pump Electic voltage(V) 380 380 380 380 380
Motor(KW) 1.5 1.5 2.2 3 3
Water pump Motor(KW) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 food grade Concentration And Extraction Equipment

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