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Customized Roof Machine
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22.07.2020, 01:14

People use Roofing Roll Forming Machine to produce metal sheet for industrial, commercial and residential roof cladding. Although there are numerous profiles of roofing sheet, the process of forming is the same. Coils (GI coils, PPGI coils, GL coils, PPGL coils, etc) go through decoiling, roll forming, cutting and then come out the desired roof products.
Roof Sheet Machine We Make
●Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine
●Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine
●IBR Sheet Roll Forming Machine
●Double Layer Roll Forming Machine
●Step Tile Sheet Roll Forming Machine
●Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine
●Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine
Main Machine Components:
1. 5Ton Decoiler: decoil the coils into flat sheet
2. Feeding And Guiding: guide the material in order to avoid its deviation
3. Roll Forming: form the sheet into desire profile
4. Punching: for tile profile sheet to form the shape like tiles
5. Cutting: cut the formed profile into desired length
6. Product Table: support the product from falling down
7. Electric Control System: supply electric power
8. Hydraulic System: supply hydraulic power
Optional Accessories:
ItemCommon We UseOptional
1. Decoiler5Ton Manual Decoiler5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler
2. Side StructureWall Panel TypeGuide Pillar Type
3. Roller Material45# SteelGCr15 Bearing Steel
4. Product TableUnpowered TableAuto Stacker
6. Electric PartsDomestic BrandSiemens, Panasonic, Mitsubishi
Comparison Between Side Stands Structure:
Different manufacturers may have different designs of the machine roller stand structure. For metal sheet roll forming machine, there are always two designs of side stands structure: wall panel type and guide pillar type. The function of the wall panel and guide pillar is the same. They are used to fix the sliding blocks, which are installed in two ends of the shaft. Some people prefer wall panel type and they think wall panel structure makes the machine stronger. While some people prefer guide pillar structure and they think this type makes the machine more smart. No matter what structure the machine employs, Both Do Perfect Job.
Wall Panel Type:
Sliding blocks are fixed between two steel panels.
Guide Pillar Type:
Sliding blocks are fixed on the guide pillar.
For detailed machine parameters, please contact us.Customized Roof Machine

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