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Vacuum technology of imported vacuum pump in sand blasting machine
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22.07.2020, 08:28

Vacuum technology of imported vacuum pump in sand blasting machine
The principle of sand collection, lifting and transportation in sand blasting room is the vacuum technology of imported vacuum pump. The application of imported vacuum pump in sandblasting machine industry is essential. Sandblasting machine is the category of air conveying machinery. In the pipeline, compressed air is used to transport powdery particles (1 ~ 4mm in diameter) from one place to another. In the process of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, the high-speed moving sand particles scour the surface of the object, so as to improve the surface quality of the object.
In vacuum sand lifting, the sand is lifted into the sandblasting machine tank by the suction force of the imported vacuum pump, so as to replace the manual sand loading and sand transportation, reduce the opportunity of operators to contact silica dust, reduce the labor intensity and improve the productivity.
Firstly, start the imported vacuum pump to cause the vacuum in the buffer tank, so as to lift the sand to a certain height in the buffer tank, and then flow into the rotary screen from the buffer tank, and the qualified sand will automatically fall into the sand storage tank after screening.
The second step is to connect the vacuum to the sand blasting tank (a sand separation buffer tank is installed in the middle) to cause the vacuum in the sand blasting tank, so that the sand particles are lifted from the sand storage tank to the sand blasting tank to complete the lifting and transportation of sand particles.
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